Yamaha MP70N Mahogany With Silent System


Price includes free ground floor delivery and our 5-year warranty.

The Yamaha MP70N is a Yamaha Upright Piano. The sound is mellow and inviting, with beautifully round bass notes progressing through to a singing and melodic treble section.

Yamaha have fitted the MP70N series pianos with a high action design that responds to the differing touch nuances required to interpret the highest of standards of music.

The Yamaha MP70N model is presented with magnificent cabinetry, solid spruce soundboard and cabinet crafted to European preferences, the Yamaha MP70N delivers superb sound quality while remaining compact in size. 

Fitted with Yamaha’s silent system, this piano can be played both acoustically, and through headphone, allowing for quiet time practice where a pianist can go off into a world of their own, without having to worry about noise restrictions when taking others need into consideration.

This is a used piano and is in very good condition. There is some slight cosmetic damage to the case, which although repaired, is still visible and this has been reflected in the final price.

Piano Dimensions – Height: 110cm / Width:148.2cm / Depth: 54cm

Outstanding Features of the Yamaha MP70N –

  • Designed specifically for the European market
  • Selection of the highest possible grade of spruce used in the soundboard
  • Advanced scale design
  • The highest of quality in action parts
  • Piano fitted with silent system for quiet time practice
  • Beautiful tone and voice
  • Responsive action
  • Free delivery ground floor UK mainland

The Yamaha MP70N is a piano that will meet every expectation of the discerning professional level pianist. 

The Yamaha P series pianos are a range of pianos that have been designed to be mid-range models with high-end quality and features. Despite their affordability, these pianos are built with Yamaha’s care and attention to detail, giving them excellent tonal reproduction and the sensitive, quick responsiveness of the Yamaha keyboard and action mechanism.

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