Yamaha U3 Ebony Upright Piano


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This beautiful Ebony Yamaha Piano was manufactured in Hamamatsu, Japan during 1964. This piano has 3 pedals, the middle one being a Celeste practice pedal for quiet-time practice. U3 is manufactured with Yamaha’s characteristic attention to detail, and has a rich tone, responsive action and excellent reliability. A popular piano within households and schools, the height of this upright piano provides a larger soundboard and longer strings which gives the U3 it’s powerful dynamic capacity and depth of tone. It is a commonly used instrument among choirs and ensembles due to its capacity to fill a medium sized venue. However, the Yamaha U3 is such a reliable and high quality upright piano that it remains a popular choice for domestic use.

Considering its age it’s in fantastic condition with just a few skate/duster blemishes and arrives fully tuned, with all keys and pedals working.

Piano Dimensions – Height: 131cm / Width:154cm / Depth: 65cm

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