Ebony & Ivory Music Shop - Wide Selection Of Electric & Acoustic GuitarsWe have an ever evolving range of new and used acoustic, classical and electric guitars from top brands including Fender, Gibson and Martin, as well as rarities and oddities. We select only the top quality products from far eastern manufacturers such as Yamaha, Crafter and Vintage.

Most guitarists like to try out a guitar before they buy it. Our wide selection is easily accessible and you’re welcome to come and try any instrument in the shop and see if you like it. Whatever your needs or budget, we have a guitar for you.

If you’re starting out, we have a range of guitars and starter packs which would give you everything you need in one easy package.

We are a one-stop shop for guitar accessories, we carry a large range of strings for guitars and other stringed instruments including the popular Ernie Ball Slinkys, electronic tuners, like the popular Snark tuner, plectrums/picks, pickups, straps, capos and cases. Our guitar repairs are carried out by an experienced, professional luthier. We offer guitar setups, restrings and other repairs.

If you’re studying music at Ebony & Ivory Music School you’re entitled to special discounts and extras free from the store!

Please call 020 8200 5510, email or pop in to our shop in North-West London if you’d like any advice.

Ebony & Ivory Music Shop - Acoustic & Electric Guitars for Beginners to Professionals

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