Musical Accessories

We cater for a wide range of musical disciplines and stock musical accessories for guitar, reed instruments, violin, banjo, piano amongst others.

    Broad Range of Musical Accessories - Metronomes, Guitar Strings & Picks

  • Guitar Strings by Ernie Ball and Bad Boy
  • Guitar & Instrument Leads
  • Capos
  • Guitar Picks/Plectrums by Jim Dunlop
  • Drum Sticks by Nova/Vic Firth
  • Banjo, Ukulele & Mandolin Strings
  • Violin Strings
  • Reeds
  • Metronomes
  • Tuners
  • Music Stands
  • Instrument Cases
  • Spares

Please call 020 8200 5510, email or pop in to our shop in North-West London if you’d like any advice.

Don’t forget: If you’re studying music at Ebony & Ivory Music School you’re entitled to special discounts and extras free from the store!

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