Other Musical Instruments

We sell all kinds of musical instruments – Drum Kits, Recorders, Clarinets, Kazoos, Maracas, Violins, Saxophones, Trumpets, Tablas, Recorders, Tin Whistles, Bongos, Glockenspiels, Harmonicas, Tambourines, Triangles, Squares… Well, maybe not squares.

Ebony & Ivory Music Shop - Buy HarmonicasWe do specialise in pianos, guitars and tuition but we cater for musicians of all disciplines. It’s worth dropping in to our Colindale shop for a browse to see what other musical instruments we have on offer as we have an evolving variety of new and used professional and novelty instruments, and everything in between.

Our carefully selected range of musical instruments and accessories combine great quality and affordable prices.

Please call 020 8200 5510, email ebonyandivoryltd@gmail.com or pop in to our shop in North-West London if you’d like any advice.

Ebony & Ivory Music Shop - Saxes, Trumpets, Brass Instruments For SaleAnd don’t forget: If you’re taking lessons at Ebony & Ivory you’re entitled to special discounts and extras free from the store!


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