Cairns Colt Guitar – We Dare You To Make An Offer

Cairns Colt GuitarWhen you visit us at Ebony & Ivory, you might notice a rather unusual guitar hanging among the usual Strats and Teles.

The Cairns Colt Peacemaker guitar was made by luthier Jim Cairns who used to make pickups for Burns. No one knows how many of these guitars were made but, according to the American Guitar Museum one of them is owned by Eagle, Joe Walsh.

The guitar not only looks unique, it was built with amazing attention to detail and uses the hammer as the pickup selector, the trigger is the volume control and the ejector rod is the tone control.

Ebony’s erstwhile owner and collector of musical curiosities, Ajit, is famously cagey about whether or not this unusual instrument is for sale so we’re daring you to make an offer for it and see if we can discover the price.

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