Ebony & Ivory Orchestra Classes – Spring Term

The spring term of our Junior and Senior orchestras is starting on the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd. Orchestra classes are a brilliant opportunity for students to experience the joy of ensemble playing. Making music in a group setting is a great learning experience that enhances confidence, deepens musical understanding and will help students perform at their best during exams and auditions.

The classes are open to students of strings, woodwind, flute, oboe, piccolo, clarinet and brass.

The orchestras are lead by violin teacher Elsa Cusidó-Muntada, and cost £10 per session. At the end of each term the orchestras will perform in a concert featuring our students.

For more information and to join, contact Elsa: 07841418939, elsa.cusido@hotmail.co.uk

Download the PDF – Orchestral Training Flyer.

Ebony & Ivory Music School Orchestral Training

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