Ernesto Pereira

Ernesto Pereira is a member of the Barnet orchestra & YMC parent orchestra in London where he plays the second violin. Alongside this he showcases his youtube channel where he performs violin solo’s of top 10 Billboard English songs . All of his videos can also be found on his facebook page where he has grown a following. He has performed Indie music on the violin at various pubs, clubs, parties and hotels in Mumbai, Dubai and London.

Ernesto has been teaching violin for the past 25 years. He completed his grade 8 diploma in violin from the Trinity college of London. He is a qualified teacher in music and has trained students following the Trinity College London syllabus in Violin, Plectrum Guitar and Rock & Pop Guitar at Star Light music school Dubai for which he received a recommendation letter from the Director of Trinity College London for my excellence.

Some of the most important aspects of his teachings are:

  • Posture and Violin hold
  • The technique of different bow strokes such as legato and Spicatto
  • Developing a functional bow hold
  • Shifting
  • Vibrato
  • Strings crossing and bow holding

Ernesto explains the different parts of the violin, such as the scroll, tip, end button, and heel. You will also begin playing without the bow. This is called plucking, and it helps beginners learn the different pitches of each string on the bow and how the strings create music.

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