Gerardo Sierchio

Gerardo Sierchio born in Italy, started piano from the age of four. He was accepted at the ‘Liceo Musicale Antonio Paganini’ and performed in many concerts organised by Maestro Adriano falcone. He undertook various exams in the Conservatorio San pietro a Maiella of Naples.

After meeting Maestro Domenico Trotta, a virtuoso pianist and composer, he developed a new approach to his improvisation. Domenico also introduced him to the study of harmony – essential for his development as a composer.

Gerardo also learned Jazz and Blues and began performing in Jazz clubs all around Europe and the UK; both as a soloist as well as in trios and quartets which gave him the necessary experience to develop his work as an arranger.

Gerardo has composed a vast selection of works; his teaching method is both patient and strict which has resulted in considerable success for his pupils.

He is more than capable of helping with the following:

  • ABRSM (Associated Board Royal School of Music ) all grades Trinity college, all grades
  • Jazz and Harmony lessons
  • Composition and Orchestration
  • Music Therapy
  • Performance Direction
  • Assistance for Piano competition and Admissions
  • Mixing and producing Based on Logic digitals platform
  • Guitar, Arabic percussions, Flutes, Backing Vocals, Bass guitar, Harmonium Theory and Solfège
  • Photography and Video Maker
  • Fluent in Spanish, English, Italian

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