Guitar Setup & Repair Service and Other Stringed Instruments

Guitar Setup & Repair Service

Guitar Setup

All guitars need regular maintenance to keep them in their optimal condition. Since wood expands and contracts over time, due to aging and changing environmental conditions, it is important to adjust the guitar’s components to ensure they are working in maximum harmony.

A setup includes changing the strings, checking the straightness of the neck and making adjustments if required, adjusting the guitar’s action (the height of the strings above the neck) and setting the intonation by adjusting the bridge.

Guitar Repairs

We undertake any repairs to acoustic and electric guitars & basses. Services include:

  • Refrets
  • Broken Necks & Bodies
  • Repairing damaged finishes
  • Wiring and electrics
  • Pickups replaced
  • Restringing

Setup and repairs of other stringed instruments

We offer professional setup, restringing and repair services for violins, violas, ukuleles and banjos.

Please get in touch if you’d like any advice or to get a quote for setups and repairs for guitar and other string instruments.

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