Master Vocal Coach Stevie Lange New Release

Stevie Lange Vocalize 2 Vocal Training Album

Our school’s master vocal coach, Stevie Lange is pleased to announce the release of her new vocal training album, Vocalize 2 for females.

Vocalize 2 is aimed at beginners and intermediate singers. It’s a great vocal workout with deep breathing exercises, four of Stevie’s favourite warm ups and 8 brand new licks and riffs.

For this new release, Stevie has worked on a new format that allows you to either stick to the written melodies or, for those who are ready to sing adlibs, embellish on the recorded phrases or try even try some harmonies. You have the space and freedom to do your own thing to some cool and varied feels.

Visit to buy Vocalize 2

You can also buy Stevie’s original vocal training album, Vocalize for females or for males on Stevie’s Bandcamp page here –

About Stevie

Stevie Lange has been Ebony and Ivory’s resident master vocal coach and record producer for over twenty years and has worked with countless up and coming singers as well as established international artists.

To learn more about Stevie, visit her website

Vocal Coaching

Stevie has coached and toured with Blue and Robbie Williams for 5 years doing pre-production and intense vocal training. She has also done the same with artists like The Kooks, Sean Miley Moore, Ella Henderson, X-Factor contenders as well as the amazing Jamie Cullum and Cara Delevingne.

Recording Studio

Stevie and her team recorded a track for Def Leppard featuring Justin Hawkins from The Darkness

And wrote and recorded a track for The Sugababes.

Dance Studio

Rehearsed two full stage productions for Lulu, Chaka Khan, Heather Small and Anastasia, and has recently been working with HRVY on his moves in our dance room. In 2020 he’s now smashing Strictly Come Dancing.

Stevie works very hard at getting her students vocally fit and ready for any challenge they will encounter during their careers.

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