DJ Lessons

We offer DJ lessons tailored to your needs and goals. The lessons involve one-on-one tuition allowing you to learn at your own pace and with your own favourite genres of music.

DJ lessons are given by Kemi, a professional multi genre DJ from London. who’s played and entertained crowds at various venues around the city.
You will learn the fundamental skills and theory needed to DJ anywhere, especially in a club.

DJ Lessons will cover the following topics

  • How to download and organise your music collection
  • How to mix harmonically
  • How to use the industry standard equipment
  • How to beatmatch with the jog wheel
  • How to use the mixer and blend your tracks together with the EQs
  • All about phrasing, track structures and the timing of your mixes
  • How to record your set
  • Most importantly have fun!

To book your DJ lesson with us, give us a call on 020 8200 5510 or use our music lessons enquiry form.

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