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Recorder lessons at Ebony & Ivory Music School, ColindaleThe recorder is a beautiful instrument with a history reaching back to the fourteenth century; its ancient ancestry can in fact be traced back to the Iron Age. There are ten main sizes ranging from the tiny garklein to the 9 foot tall sub-subcontrabass – though other specialist recorders exist such as the voice flute or treble in G.

By blowing directly into the mouthpiece, a player is able to manipulate a wealth of expression not available to other woodwind instruments. The introduction of the plastic recorder into schools in the 1940’s has unfortunately led to the belief that it’s “not a proper instrument”, a misconception that virtuoso players like Peirs Adams and Michaela Petri are striving to correct.

Fortunately, a great wealth of opportunities exist for students of the recorder beginning with the usual 8 grades and recital diplomas through to undergraduate and post graduate music degrees where recorder performance is the main focus. There are also recorder orchestras throughout the country, a chance to experience the unique sound of all the sizes playing together. Properly begun, this instrument inspires a lifelong passion; when Henry VIII died he was found to have 78 recorders in his possession.

We offer recorder lessons with a highly-qualified and experienced recorder teacher who can take you as far as you want to go with your instrument.

Q: Is there the opportunity to study recorder at university?

A: Yes. Recorder can be studied at all levels from grades 1-8 to degree level.

Q: If I learn to play one size of recorder, will it be difficult to learn how to play another size?

A: Recorders come in many sizes but there are just two fingerings. If you learn how to play using one fingering, it’s not too difficult to learn the other in order to play a different sized recorder.

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