Trumpet Lessons

Trumpet lessons as Ebony & Ivory Music School ColindaleThe trumpet is an ancient instrument whose origins can be traced back to 1500 BC. The valved trumpet that most people will recognise is a much newer instrument which originates in the early 1800’s and didn’t come to the fore until the early 20th century. The trumpet has a relatively limited repertoire in Western Classical music but has a growing repertoire in jazz and popular music. The trumpet’s role as a solo instrument in jazz in now legendary, great artistes of the trumpet include Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Arturo Sandoval. It also has a vital supporting role as part of horn sections in jazz big bands, funk, fusion, ska and even pop outfits.

We offer trumpet lessons for all levels from beginner to advanced. If you’re interested in pursuing grades we can help you to prepare for ABRSM or Trinity board exams. Our supportive teachers can lead you from your first steps learning how to produce a few notes to becoming a soloist in a jazz quartet or an orchestral brass player. The trumpet can be a challenging instrument but learning to play it well is extremely rewarding. Whatever style of music you choose to play, trumpet is one of the most dynamic and expressive instruments.

We also offer Trombone and French Horn lessons.

Q: Is trumpet an instrument only for people who want to play jazz?

A: The most common styles of music for trumpet are western classical music and jazz but trumpet is common as a solo or supporting instrument in styles including ska and reggae, afrobeat, funk, soul and R&B.

Q: Is trumpet an expensive instrument to learn?

A: Although professional trumpets can be quite costly, modern student instruments are affordable offer good quality for the price. Please contact us if we can help you find the right instrument.

Q: Does looking after my trumpet require a lot of work?

A: A well cared for trumpet will sound good and play well for as long as you want it to. Since trumpets have moving parts they need to be lubricated regularly but it’s a very easy job. Although some people like polishing their trumpets, it isn’t necessary and some argue that the tone of a trumpet improves as it accumulates environmental deposits.

To book your trumpet lesson with us, give us a call on 020 8200 5510 or use our music lessons enquiry form.

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