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Ukulele lessons at Ebony & Ivory Music School, ColindaleWe offer ukulele lessons for students at all levels. Ukuleles have become one of the most popular instruments for people getting started with music. Ukes have even been called the “new recorder” by some due to their affordability and ubiquity.
The modern-day popularity of the ukulele is largely down to the affordability of owning a playable instrument and the perception that it’s pretty easy to learn. While the ukulele is an instrument you can gain some ability with quite easily, it is an instrument that, like all the others, requires hard work and dedication to play well.

The ukulele is a very versatile instrument that sounds good playing blues, folk, country, jazz, rock and pop music and of course Hawaiian music too. There are ukulele groups all over the country and the range of styles and ensembles in which you’ll find the uke being played is growing.

Whether you want to learn a few chords and sing When I’m Cleaning Windows or follow in the footsteps of Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele lessons with a great teacher will get you on the right path.

Q: Which size ukulele should I buy?

A: The ukulele comes in four main sizes – soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The smallest one, the soprano is the most popular due to it’s low price and portability and the small size makes it easy for young children to play. The concert is a little bigger and therefore fuller in tone. It’s larger and the strings are tuned tighter than the soprano so the instrument feels different too. The tenor uke is bigger again and has a richer, fuller tone than its smaller siblings. It also has more frets, meaning a larger range of notes. The baritone ukulele is the biggest of the family. It is tuned lower, like the top four strings of a guitar. Ultimately the best ukulele for you is the one you like the feel and sound of most. Feel free to come in to the shop if you’d like to try out a uke or two.

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