October 2018 Half Term Band Workshop

Join us for an intensive music learning experience that will take your playing to another level

Our band workshops are great fun whatever your ability level. We also work hard and participants are always amazed at how much they’ve learned from the experience. Playing and performing music in a group setting is what it’s all about.

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Contact Joe Ospalla or Rodrigo Lemos for details.

Joe – 07828 845 047 or info@joethedrummer.com
Rodrigo – 07906 448 978 or rodlemos@gmail.com

Learn songs

Learning songs is the meat of every workshop. We play through the songs learned on previous workshops and add new songs. We cover all popular styles of music.
So far we’ve done rock,classic rock, jazz, R&B, soul, funk disco, reggae, pop and more. Whatever your level, you can participate in the group.

Play music with your fellow students

Using what you’ve learned in a real situation is always the best way to cement your learning. Standing in the rehearsal room and working together to deliver a great performance is incredibly rewarding and helps all music students “get” what music making is.

Develop teamwork

Playing with a band requires that all members contribute to the greater good. Every note you play is part of an arrangement and must help the band sound great. Sometimes your job is to support the sound and sometimes you’re going to step forward and show off your best chops.

Tighten up your musicianship & learn to think on your feet

When you’re in a room with a bunch of other musicians who all want to get on with the process of learning and polishing a performance, you have to pay attention. Sometimes you have to produce the goods on the spot. You’ll surprise yourself with your ability to learn quickly.

Learn to listen

To create a great band performance, musicians need to know the songs they’re learning. Listening to recordings of the music we’re covering is essential to the learning process. In the rehearsal room and on stage, listening to our fellow musicians is paramount.

Increase your confidence

Learn that every musician, no matter their ability level, can contribute to a performance by trying their best. Working with a band and showing off your skills to your friends and family will increase your confidence in other performance situations such as exams and school events and presentations.

Perform in front of an audience

Our band workshops end with a performance. Whenever possible we put on a gig at the Wetherspoons upstairs which takes place on the Sunday afternoon following the workshop. Otherwise we play in the big room at the end of the corridor at the end of Friday’s session. Family and friends are invited to watch, take pictures and film. It’s brilliant fun and everyone always has a blast.

Price for the workshop is £100. That’s ten hours of tuition!

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