Paul Nazarkardeh

Paul has been playing guitar for nearly 20 years and has been teaching music for over a decade. His main instrument is Guitar – including Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitars in all styles and skill levels. He also teaches bass, ukulele, banjo and music theory. Outside of teaching, Paul is a recording and touring musician, having performed extensively throughout Europe in a wide range of genres.

“What I love about teaching is inspiring the next generation of musicians and helping people of all ages and backgrounds discover a passion for music and performing. I truly believe that ANYONE can become a great musician with the right mindset and routine, and that’s something I tell every single one of my students.”

For Paul it all started here. He received his first ever guitar lessons at Ebony and Ivory many years ago. The reason he started teaching was so he could share all the skills and knowledge that he learned from the Greay teachers who inspired him in his time coming here for lessons.

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