Voice Tuition at Ebony and Ivory



Tailored Vocal Training

Our voice tuition at Ebony and Ivory is customised to meet the unique vocal needs and goals of each student. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced singer, our approach is designed to help you develop and refine your vocal skills.


Foundation in Vocal Techniques

We emphasize the importance of foundational vocal techniques such as breath control, pitch accuracy, and tone quality. These essential skills form the basis of effective singing and are crucial for vocal health and longevity.


Diverse Musical Genres

Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of musical genres. From classical to contemporary, jazz to pop, students have the opportunity to explore and master various styles, enhancing their versatility as vocalists.


Performance Skills & Stage Presence

We not only focus on vocal techniques but also on performance skills. Students learn how to express themselves confidently on stage, developing a strong stage presence and the ability to connect with their audience.


Regular Practice & Progression

Consistent practice is key to vocal improvement. We provide structured practice routines that are tailored to each student’s level and objectives, ensuring steady progress and skill enhancement.


Music Theory & Sight-Singing

An understanding of music theory is integral to vocal training. Our lessons include theory and sight-singing, equipping students with the skills to read and interpret music effectively.


Exam Preparation & Registered Centre

As a registered Examination Centre for boards like ABRSM, Trinity, and Rock School, we offer comprehensive exam preparation. Our students are thoroughly trained in both the practical and theoretical aspects required for these examinations.


Workshops & Masterclasses

We regularly host vocal workshops and masterclasses conducted by experienced vocalists and coaches. These sessions provide in-depth insights into various vocal techniques and styles.


Customised Learning Options

We offer a range of learning formats including individual lessons, group classes, and online tuition, catering to the diverse needs of our students.


Continuous Learning & Achievement

Our voice tuition is designed for continuous learning and achievement. We provide clear progression pathways, from beginner to advanced levels, allowing students to develop and excel at their own pace.

At Ebony and Ivory, we are dedicated to nurturing your vocal talent and passion. Our voice tuition offers a comprehensive, enriching experience in vocal arts. Join us to unlock your vocal potential and embark on a rewarding musical journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups do you cater to for music lessons?

We welcome students of all ages, from children as young as 5 years to adults and seniors.

Do you offer examinations with accredited boards?

Yes, we prepare students for ABRSM, Trinity, and Rock School exams, covering practical and theory components.

Can I learn music production, composition, and arrangement?

Absolutely! We offer courses in these areas to develop your creative and technical skills.

Do you provide instruments for learning?

Yes, our store offers a wide range of instruments suitable for all learning levels.

Are beginner-friendly lessons available?

We provide tailored lessons for beginners across all instruments.

How long are the music lessons?

Lessons typically last from 30 minutes to an hour, based on age, skill level, and lesson type.

Are your instructors qualified?

All our instructors are highly qualified and experienced, with many having formal music education and professional performance backgrounds.

Can I rent or purchase an instrument?

We offer a range of instruments for purchase and can assist with rental queries.

Are online lessons available?

Yes, we offer flexible online lessons alongside in-person classes.

Do you host student performances or recitals?

Yes, we organize end-of-term concerts and recitals for student performance opportunities.

How do I enrol in lessons?

Enrol by calling 020 8200 5510, using our online enquiry form, or visiting our Colindale location.

What safety measures are in place for in-person lessons?

We maintain comprehensive safety protocols for the well-being of our students and staff.

Do you offer group lessons?

Yes, depending on the instrument and teacher availability.

How is student progress tracked?

We use regular assessments and feedback sessions with teachers.

Do you support students with special educational needs?

Yes, we offer customised teaching methods for all students.

What services does your repair centre offer?

Our repair centre provides various services, including guitar re-stringing and piano tuning.

Are there lessons in recording and production techniques?

Yes, we offer specialized lessons in this field.

Do you have a wide selection of music accessories?

Our store is stocked with a variety of music accessories.

Can I get advice on choosing the right instrument?

Yes, our expert staff are available to help you select the best instrument for your needs.

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