40 Years of Ebony & Ivory

Ebony & Ivory Music Shop and Music School
Colindale, London – Ebony & Ivory Music Shop and Music School, a beloved establishment on Colindale’s high street, is proudly celebrating four decades of serving the local community. Founded by Christian’s father, this family-run business has been a musical haven for residents of all ages.
The shop, located upstairs, boasts a diverse range of musical instruments, specializing in pianos and string instruments, including electric guitars and ukuleles. Meanwhile, the school, situated downstairs, comprises a labyrinth of individual recording studios and music practice rooms, where aspiring musicians hone their skills.

Christian, the Co-Owner of Ebony & Ivory, reflects on the importance of supporting local businesses: “I think it’s important to shop locally because you get that personal touch you just don’t get online.” He highlights the sense of community that has thrived within their walls, with customers like Cameron, who started visiting at a young age and later became part of the team.
Cameron’s story is just one example of the enduring relationships formed at Ebony & Ivory. Over the years, they have welcomed multiple generations, from sons and daughters to grandfathers and grandmothers, all seeking musical inspiration and expertise. What sets this establishment apart is the opportunity for customers to physically interact with instruments, seek advice, and experience the personal touch that online shopping simply cannot replicate.

As Ebony & Ivory Music Shop and Music School commemorates 40 years, they remain dedicated to enriching the lives of their community through the universal language of music. Visit them on Colindale’s high street and be part of their remarkable journey.

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